Pentecost weekend

May 27 + 28, 2023 • Lichtenvoorde (NL)

2 days

4 stages

40 acts

Over The Top Festival in Lichtenvoorde

One of this country’s most exciting trips during Pentecost is the Over The Top festival! The annual event in the Achterhoek is a great party where you can enjoy a good atmosphere, lots of music and theater with friends and family!

Activities for all ages

Over The Top festival is suitable for every age and audience. Since the first edition thousands of people come together to enjoy good live music, theater, art and good company in a sweet spring atmosphere.

At the festival you can be yourself and do what you want. Enjoy funk, techno, disco or go raving. If you’re into chill vibes, go dancing at the Coco Loco. If you need to get rid of some aggression first, then you can go and bang away at our Rock stage The Rumble, where you can find tearing metal every year. Don’t forget to take advantage of the other fun activities as well because those will definitely make the Over The Top festival at Pentecost one of the most memorable getaways!

Over The Top has a very wide range of live music with different DJs, bands and other types of live music. 

With 4 different stages almost every genre is represented. With 12 years of festival experience, the organization knows how to add surprising elements to the line-up every time.

Do you fancy a fun party with friends and family? Come to the Over The Top festival in Lichtenvoorde in the Achterhoek! This will definitely be one of the best trips you can have during Whitsun!

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Take your friends and family to enjoy good bands, DJs and the chill atmosphere at the Over The Top Festival! The festival takes place in the Achterhoek in the heart of Lichtenvoorde on the Swite grounds.


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