Over The Top has been organized since 2010 by an passionate club of festival-enthusiasts from Lichtenvoorde and the surrounding area. The club calls itself the DIDK Foundation. “Dit Is Dan Kunst” for outsiders, among insiders also “Dol In de Kop” (translated roughly “Crazy in the Head”). The organisation currently consists of 12 people, all of them working for the festival on a voluntary basis. Before, during and after Over The Top another 240 volunteers are involved to make the festival a great success. We can’t do it without these volunteers.

“Why do you even organize this festival?” we are often asked. Well, we have a lot of work with it, don’t get a penny for it and during the festival we can’t even join in the celebrations ourselves. But actually it’s just the most beautiful thing there is: a whole year of dreaming about how cool it’s going to be; meetings that get out of control and of course the work and set-up days with the well-deserved drink afterwards. And then there’s the actual festival. All those happy people having a great day. It’s worth it for all of us!


Luister in ons containerdorp naar de creatieve rijmelarij van Dichtercollectief Warrig. Laat je meeslepen, laat een persoonlijk gedichtje schrijven of typ er zelf een fijn rijmpje. Woord voor woord maken we met alle bezoekers ons eigen wonderlijke gedicht.

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